Pashmina Perfection Style Lab - Boho Chic

Boho Chic

In today's edition of the Pashmina Perfection Style Lab, we decided to put together a bohemian-inspired look that is perfect for an outdoor concert or a backyard barbecue. This look is effortless, comfortable, and absolutely perfect for these warmer, summer months. 
To start off this look, we chose an adorable, green dress. The flowy material and looser-fitting cut makes this an ideal choice for all shapes and sizes. Plus, the beige tassels add a great, boho touch to this already unique piece. The rich color of this dress will certainly make you eye-catching and complements just about every skin tone. What's not to love?
Next, we decided to accessorize with one of our best sellers - our Tea On The Terrace Scarf. This one-of-a-kind scarf matches perfectly with the green and beige color scheme of this outfit and adds a much-needed delicate, feminine touch to the entire ensemble. Plus, this scarf's lightweight feel makes it ideal for the warmer summer months. 
In keeping with our green and beige theme, we chose a chic pair of tan-colored sandals. These flats are so comfortable with their added heel support and match perfectly with the tassel on the dress. Plus, the thicker front strap give these shoes a little more of an earthy feel - perfect for a boho-inspired outfit!
For accessories, we started off with a straw bag. This cute purse is minimal and reflects the laid back feel of the rest of the outfit. A similarly-colored fedora adds a touch of class and sophistication, and its gold accent adds just the right amount of bling! After all, no outfit is complete without something a little diva-licious!
Finally, we decided to throw on a stylish watch with a beige strap to complete this polished yet relaxed look. We have loved creating so many different summer-inspired looks here in the Pashmina Perfection Style Lab, and be sure to look out for a few more throughout the month of August! Until next time, happy styling!

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