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The Vacationer

In today's edition of the Pashmina Perfection Style Lab, we decided to put together a preppy, fresh, classic outfit that will have you looking chic for your next getaway to the Hamptons. You simply can't go wrong when you throw in a crisp, white collared shirt and a pair of boat shoes into the mix!
The true inspiration behind this look came from one of our favorite pieces - The Vacationer Scarf. This one-of-a-kind scarf is subtle yet absolutely gorgeous. The juxtaposition between the simple, demure colors of the scarf combined with the ornate patterning balances this piece perfectly. We decided to use the whites, blues, and grays of this scarf as a guide when putting together this ensemble. 
We first started out with a clean, freshly-pressed, white collared shirt. This top is light and airy - perfect for those hot summer days! Then, we paired this with our favorite pair of slightly distressed jean shorts. As you can see from the picture, cuffing the shorts give this outfit a fun, flirty feel! 
The accessories for this outfit polish it off beautifully. We started with one of our favorite pairs of shoes. For the summertime, nothing adds that maritime quality to an outfit quite like a good pair of boat shoes! What's more, these shoes incorporate all three of the colors from our scarf - how perfect is that! We then threw on a pair of stylish shades along with some diamond stud earrings. To tie everything together, we chose a gorgeous, gray, hobo bag that enhances the laid-back, casual vibe of this ensemble.
As you can see from this ensemble, you can use accessories such as scarves as the inspiration for an entire look. Whether you are wearing an ornate scarf over a simple outfit or a monochromatic scarf over an elaborate outfit, you just can't go wrong. Until next time, happy styling!

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