Pashmina Perfection Everyday Runway - Tea on the Terrace Spring Pastels and Florals

In today's edition of the Pashmina Perfection Every Runway, we are excited to showcase a look that is ideal for this time of the year.

To start off this look, Anna chose an adorable pair of slightly distressed skinny jeans. These are a staple in any woman's closet! Over this, she threw on a button-down, white, collared shirt - another basic staple that is so versatile. We absolutely love how she cuffed the sleeves just one time, giving this ensemble a laid back, fashionable vibe.  

This outfit highlights one of our most beloved scarves - our Tea On The Terrace Scarf. This gorgeous, lightweight scarf is absolutely perfect for the warmer months and adds the perfect touch of sophistication and femininity to this outfit. 

Anna chose to match her accessories to the gorgeous green and beige hues in her scarf. Our favorites have got to be her sea-green belt and handbag - how inspired! We also give her nude pumps two thumbs up, as they complement her outfit perfectly! 

This cute look is perfect for just about any occasion from a day at the office to a romantic date night to a a fun day on the lake. It is polished yet laid back, feminine and classy - definitely a winner in our book!

Stay on the lookout for more summer outfits, and until next time, happy styling! 




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