Pashmina Perfection Style Lab - Tea on the Terrace

Tea on the Terrace

In today's Pashmina Perfection Style Lab, we draw inspiration from one of our favorite pieces - our Tea on the Terrace Scarf. If you could only have one floral scarf (an unimaginable possibility, but indulge in our disaster scenario for a moment), this would be it. Its impressionistic pink and white florals paired with a delicate, green, foliage print look absolutely gorgeous on a subtle, neutral background. Its true beauty is impossible to describe - you have to wear it to believe it!
This scarf demands a sophisticated, ladylike, spring ensemble perfect for an afternoon tea, of course! We started with a classic pair of dark-wash jeans and added a lacy, white top. To complement the neutral colors of the scarf, we chose a blush-colored handbag along with a pair of nude pumps.  To complete this sophisticated, polished look, we added beautiful pearl earrings, a matching bracelet, and a coat of baby pink nail polish. All of these elements really bring the ensemble together and highlight the gorgeous colors and unique beauty of your floral-printed scarf. 
Using a scarf as the centerpiece of an outfit makes high fashion accessible and easy. By starting with your everyday, fashion favorites and adding some textural interest, like this embroidered, lacy white top, you heighten the complexity and interest of your look. Like you can see in this outfit, nude pumps, a neutral handbag, and pearl jewelry are all essentials in every fashionista's closet. Using a scarf to bring all of these elements together in a harmonious, inspired look repurposes existing pieces to create a style that will set you apart no matter where you go. Start your spring out looking fresh and sophisticated, and make your reservations now for that leisurely afternoon tea!

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