Pashmina Perfection Style Lab - Blue and Yellow Florals

Blues and Yellows

In this edition of the Pashmina Perfection Style Lab, we feature our stunning Summer by the Sea Scarf in an outfit that looks polished, pretty, and perfect! When featuring a scarf as the centerpiece of your ensemble, layering color-coordinated accessories over fashion basics can create a gorgeous, runway-ready, classy look. Often, this can be a solid colored scarf, either bold or pastel, and the appropriate matching bracelet, earrings, handbag, shoes, and necklace. You can create any outfit with your favorite color using this simple, styling technique.
In today's "Blues and Yellows" outfit, we take this concept a step further. The bold, yellow and blue floral patterns of this summer-appropriate scarf demand that we recognize the beauty of both colors. A sunny, yellow bracelet and handbag coordinates with the yellow border of the scarf, and striking blue heels match the blue florals of the body of the scarf. Pairing these accessories with jeans and a white top and blazer will have you looking absolutely divine. The bright colors over white basics really pop and create a bold yet harmonious look. Whether you wear it on a weekend trip to the coast or during the week to liven up your wardrobe, this look is sure to draw compliments wherever you go!

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  • Carolann

    I love this outfit. Blue and yellow rock together. I think you’ve inspired me to shop for something fun in blue and yellow now! Thank you!

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