Pashmina Perfection Style Lab - Spring and Summer Floral Scarves

Spring Floral Scarves

Today's Pashmina Perfection Style Lab features some of our spring floral scarves. Scarves are a perfect way to dress up a otherwise ordinary outfit, no matter the season. Classic plaids define autumn and winter fashion, but warmer weather doesn't mean that scarves should be relegated to the closet until next year.
Delicate, floral scarves are a fashion must-have that evoke the beauty and freshness of the spring season. By donning any of these gorgeous pieces, you are instantly ready for a weekend brunch, casual lunch, or just another day at the office and looking fabulous!
If you could only choose one scarf for the spring season, you can't go wrong with our Tea on the Terrace Scarf! Wear it with a simple white top, jeans, and nude pumps or white sandals, and you are out the door looking classy and feminine. Complete your whole ensemble with a matching, light green handbag, and you will turn heads with your impeccable taste.
If you are in the mood for a more delicate look, try our Pleased to Meet You Scarf! This ethereal piece, with its gentle green foliage and yellow floral prints, is for the true sophisticate. 
As spring turns to summer, season-appropriate fashion demands even bolder colors.  Bright, lush, red and orange blooms remind us of a holiday on some faraway, tropical isle. Whether you're actually on vacation or just want to get in the mood, bright, bold florals add a daring dash of color and passion to your wardrobe.
Our gorgeous Hibiscus Honeymoon Scarf pairs bold, bright pink colors with a rich, green foliage print that mimics the beauty of the tropics. It's perfect to wear on your honeymoon, or simply to remind you of that romantic trip in warmer climes. Wear this beautiful piece with a lighter summer ensemble or over a simple black dress for an inspired splash of color.
Our striking Florida Sunset Scarf displays the glorious, vivid oranges and blue of a equatorial sunset. If you're looking for a statement piece to turn heads wherever you go, this is the perfect scarf for you! 
We've focused on season appropriate styles to highlight how scarves can be worn in warmer seasons. You can also use these bright, floral pieces as one-of-a-kind cover-ups at the beach or pool!  The fashion possibilities with these beauties are endless! Stay tuned for more inspired wardrobe ideas from the Pashmina Perfection Style Lab! 

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