Pashmina Perfection Style Lab - Tropical Nights Scarf

Tropical Nights

Scarves aren't just for staying warm in cold weather - they can add a pop of color to your summer wardrobe! In this edition of the Pashmina Perfection Style Lab, we were inspired to put together a floral-themed ensemble with our Tropical Nights Scarf.
We coordinated jeans, a white top, and gladiator sandals for the base of this outfit. These wardrobe essentials are found in any closet, but its the fashion accessories that really take this ensemble to the next level. The Tropical Nights Scarf evokes the warmth of summer with its bright splash of red and green floral patterns combined with a dash of bright, sunny yellow. A rich, green handbag, orange and green dangly earrings, a gold watch, and classic aviator sunglasses complete the look.
This outfit is the perfect example of how a scarf can liven up your look and make your entire ensemble shine! By taking simple, everyday classics and pairing them with a colorful scarf and coordinating accessories, you will definitely stand out from the crowd. Whether you are spending a day at the beach, dining at a sidewalk bistro, or dressing up for a fun night out, a scarf can turn you into a diva! Check out all of the scarves in our Delicate Florals collection to transform your summer wardrobe and embrace the beauty of the season!

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