Pashmina Perfection Featured in Dressing Dallas Blog - 4 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Pashmina Perfection was recently featured in the fashion blog Dressing Dallas. Lauren used four of our favorite pieces to show readers a variety of different ways to tie a scarf. 

The first knot she dubbed 'The Magic Trick' and used The Vacationer Scarf to demonstrate. This beautiful knot leaves the scarf close into your neck, keeping you nice and warm during the cooler months. It is a fun twist on a classic, slip-through knot and really shows off the beautiful patterning on the scarf.

The second style was a 'Twisted Knot,' and Lauren chose to feature our Unforgettable Jade Pashmina. To create this style, the wearer simply creates a second, twisted knot that gives the scarf depth and interest. This pashmina was the perfect pick for this style, as its gorgeous, detailed patterning was on full display!

The third style Lauren chose was a simple 'Wrap.' For this look, she chose to don our Reign Me In Pashmina. This border pashmina was the perfect choice, as it perfectly highlighted its ornate patterning! This style is such a wonderful way to wear a pashmina, as it adds such color and interest to any outfit. Plus, it gives you yet another way to stay warm and look runway-ready at the same time!

The fourth and final way to wear a scarf was playfully dubbed 'The Bunny Ears.' For this cute, flirty look, Lauren chose our Night On The Town Scarf. After wrapping your scarf around your neck one time, simply knot the two loose ends, tighten this knot and place it underneath the knot, fluff out the ends, and voila! You are done and out the door! 

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