How To Tie A Scarf

There are so many ways of wearing a pashmina or a scarf that will complement anyone's taste and style. The possibilities are endless! We decided to show off a few to give you some inspiration when putting together your next outfit. Happy styling! 


How to tie a scarf - bohemian wrap


This bohemian, loose wrap is an absolutely stunning way of showing off the fabric of your most intricate pashminas. Simply drape your pashmina over the back of the nape of your neck, criss cross the ends at the bottom, and pin the loose ends behind you. You can make folds in the front as tight or billowy as you'd like. On those hot summer days, this is an ideal way to still wear your pashminas without overheating. Throw this over a tank top or cami and pair with your favorite pair of cut-off shorts to add a head-turning pop of color. 


 how to tie a scarf - classic knot


This classic slip knot is one of the easiest, most beautiful ways to style your pashminas. It is delicate enough to throw over a pant suit or dress but still shows off your pashmina's vibrant color. Additionally, this knot will give you that added warmth on those cold, winter days! To create this knot, fold your pashmina in half (with both fringe edges together). Then, drape it over the back of your neck and slip the two fringe ends through the loop that you will have hanging on the other side. Finish styling as you'd like, and you're out the door!


 how to wear a scarf - burberry plaid


This off-center, triangle knot is the ideal way to show off beautiful patterning and stay warm. We especially love this style for our classic scarves, as seen above. The scarf's fringe drapes delicately over your frame, and this knot will definitely keep you toasty on those brisk autumn mornings! The achieve this look, wrap your scarf around your neck until you have about a foot left in the front. Then, take one edge and pin it to your opposite shoulder, leaving the rest of the scarf free to drop down over the front of your torso. 


 How to tie a scarf - floral


This gorgeous shawl knot is an absolutely stunning way of showing off your most favorite pashminas. Front the front or back, your pashmina's intricate pattern and vibrant color will be sure to stun! To achieve this look, unfold your entire pashmina and drape it over your shoulders. Style the front how you'd like, and then twist the front ends together as you see in the picture. For an added pop of elegance, secure the two front pieces with a brooch or scarf ring! 


 how to tie a scarf


Pairing a chic belt with your pashmina is one of the classiest way to style an outfit. This is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance for a date night. To achieve this look, unfold your pashmina completely and drape it over your shoulders. Style how you'd like in the front, and then wrap a belt around your waist. You will absolutely love the feeling of being enveloped in luxurious fabric. To achieve that perfectly polished look, match the color of your blouse to your belt and shoes, and you will look like you just stepped off the runway!


 how to tie a pashmina


The side neck knot is a classic. With your scarf's fabric being so close to your face, it will really show off your best features. To achieve this looks, fold your scarf in half with the two fringe edges together. Then, drape it over the back of your neck and slip the two fringe ends through the loop that you will have hanging on the other side. Pull it tightly and move the knot over to one side of your neck. This look is absolutely perfect for spring. We suggest using a floral scarf for a whimsical look. For something more bold, try a statement color like jujuba red and pair it with your favorite bold, red lipstick for an absolutely va-va-voom look!


how to tie a scarf pashmina wrap 


This wrapped, shawl style is one of our favorites. It shows off the beauty of your pashmina elegantly and tastefully. To achieve this look, unfold your entire pashmina and drape it over your shoulders. Then, loosely tie it around your waist and pin it in the back. Your upper arms will be warmly tucked away - perfect for those cold days! Pair this look with a simple black or white shirt underneath to really highlight your pashmina. 


how to tie a scarf


This classic loose wrap is one of our customer's favorites! It is comfortable, not too hot, and drapes over your torso in an effortless manner. It shows off the beauty of your pashmina perfectly, and you'll be surprised how this style can actually elongate your frame! To achieve this look simply wrap your pashmina around your neck one time until both fringe ends are dangling in the front. Then simply pull down on the front section wrapped closest to your neck until it is hanging how you desire. Pair with your favorite designer shades and some pearl earrings for an effortless, stylish look!



This final look is an easy way to transform your normal pashmina or scarf into an infinity pashmina or scarf. For those days when you want to enjoy the beauty of your pashmina without the fringe, this is ideal. To achieve this look, gently tie the fringe edges of your pashmina or scarf together. Then, loosely wrap the entire pashmina or scarf around your neck two times, and style it in the front how you'd like. You will look sophisticated and stylish in seconds!

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